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Training at Budapest Dance Theatre


By Rhiannon McQueen

My typical day training with the Budapest dance theatre starts when I arrive at 8am. Arriving with plenty of time to get out of all my winter gear because it’s usually -4 degrees and snowing. This also allows me to warm up properly before starting class at 9.


We have an hour and a half class for ballet and contemporary, we alternate what we start with. Today we had ballet first with our teacher Rei. We get through a whole class from barre to grand allegro. Then we go on to contemporary.


This mornings class was taken by company dancer Jenny Vincenti. In this class we focus on our floor technique. Its one of my favourite classes as I have so much freedom to incorporate my own movement in her exercises. then we get an hour of repertoire were we learn a company work to perform at the end of each semester.


We have the repertoire class four days a week and it is taught by company dancers, at the moment we a learning SEC which was choreographed by Lorend Zachar which will perform at the end of the course. The structure of the days generally stay the same we just swap between teachers.


Three days of the week we are taught by the company director Bela Földi for contemporary technique. We also get an improvisation class on Fridays to explore our own movement and experiment with contact. It’s been an incredible experience so far and I can’t wait to see where the next few months take me.

Rhiannon McQueen talks about her training in Budapest

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